Executive Management

Executive Management

  • Rob Tiede

    Rob C. Tiede

    President and CEO
  • Vicki B. Arthur

    Senior Vice President, Plastic Packaging and Protective Solutions
  • R. Howard Coker

    Senior Vice President, Rigid Paper Containers and Paper/Engineered Carriers International
  • John Florence, Jr.

    Corporate Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
  • Rodger D. Fuller

    Senior Vice President, Paper/Engineered Carriers U.S./Canada and Display and Packaging
  • Kevin P. Mahoney

    Senior Vice President, Corporate Planning
  • Allan H. McLeland

    Vice President, Human Resources
  • Barry Saunders

    Barry L. Saunders

    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Roger P. Schrum

    Corporate Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs
  • Marcy Thompson

    Marcy Thompson

    Vice President, Marketing and Innovation