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Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Enrolling in Sonoco’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan provides a simple, economical and convenient way for you to invest in Sonoco common shares. To be eligible for participation, you must own at least one share of the common stock in registered form.

Download a prospectus.

08/09/17$0.39Regular Cash
02/20/17$0.37Regular Cash
11/09/16$0.37Regular Cash
08/10/16$0.37Regular Cash
05/11/16$0.37Regular Cash
02/22/16$0.35Regular Cash
11/11/15$0.35Regular Cash
08/12/15$0.35Regular Cash
05/14/15$0.35Regular Cash
02/23/15$0.32Regular Cash
11/12/14$0.32Regular Cash
08/13/14$0.32Regular Cash
05/14/14$0.32Regular Cash
02/26/14$0.31Regular Cash
11/13/13$0.31Regular Cash
08/14/13$0.31Regular Cash
05/15/13$0.31Regular Cash
02/25/13$0.30Regular Cash
11/14/12$0.30Regular Cash
08/15/12$0.30Regular Cash
05/16/12$0.29Regular Cash
02/15/12$0.29Regular Cash
11/16/11$0.29Regular Cash
08/17/11$0.29Regular Cash
05/11/11$0.29Regular Cash
02/15/11$0.28Regular Cash
11/17/10$0.28Regular Cash
08/18/10$0.28Regular Cash
05/12/10$0.27Regular Cash
02/17/10$0.27Regular Cash
11/18/09$0.27Regular Cash
08/19/09$0.27Regular Cash
05/13/09$0.27Regular Cash
02/18/09$0.27Regular Cash
11/19/08$0.27Regular Cash
08/13/08$0.27Regular Cash
05/14/08$0.27Regular Cash
02/20/08$0.26Regular Cash
11/14/07$0.26Regular Cash
08/15/07$0.26Regular Cash
05/16/07$0.26Regular Cash
02/21/07$0.24Regular Cash
11/15/06$0.24Regular Cash
08/18/06$0.24Regular Cash
04/17/06$0.23Regular Cash
02/15/06$0.23Regular Cash
11/16/05$0.23Regular Cash
08/17/05$0.23Regular Cash
05/18/05$0.23Regular Cash
02/16/05$0.22Regular Cash
11/17/04$0.22Regular Cash
08/18/04$0.22Regular Cash
05/19/04$0.22Regular Cash
02/18/04$0.21Regular Cash
11/19/03$0.21Regular Cash
08/13/03$0.21Regular Cash
05/14/03$0.21Regular Cash
02/19/03$0.21Regular Cash
11/13/02$0.21Regular Cash
08/14/02$0.21Regular Cash
05/15/02$0.21Regular Cash
02/20/02$0.20Regular Cash
11/14/01$0.20Regular Cash
08/15/01$0.20Regular Cash
05/16/01$0.20Regular Cash
02/21/01$0.20Regular Cash
11/15/00$0.20Regular Cash
08/16/00$0.20Regular Cash
05/17/00$0.20Regular Cash
02/16/00$0.19Regular Cash
11/17/99$0.19Regular Cash
08/18/99$0.19Regular Cash
05/19/99$0.19Regular Cash
02/17/99$0.18Regular Cash
11/18/98$0.18Regular Cash
08/19/98$0.18Regular Cash
05/13/98$0.20Regular Cash
N/A$0.20Regular Cash
02/18/98$0.16Regular Cash
11/19/97$0.16Regular Cash
08/13/97$0.16Regular Cash
05/14/97$0.16Regular Cash
02/19/97$0.15Regular Cash
11/13/96$0.15Regular Cash
08/14/96$0.15Regular Cash
05/15/96$0.15Regular Cash
02/21/96$0.14Regular Cash
11/15/95$0.14Regular Cash
08/16/95$0.14Regular Cash
05/15/95$0.14Regular Cash
11/14/94$0.13Regular Cash
08/15/94$0.13Regular Cash
05/16/94$0.13Regular Cash
02/14/94$0.12Regular Cash
11/15/93$0.12Regular Cash
08/16/93$0.12Regular Cash
06/11/93$0.122-for-1 Stock Split
05/17/93$0.12Regular Cash
02/12/93$0.11Regular Cash
11/16/92$0.11Regular Cash
08/17/92$0.11Regular Cash
05/11/92$0.11Regular Cash
02/14/92$0.11Regular Cash
11/08/91$0.11Regular Cash
08/12/91$0.11Regular Cash
05/13/91$0.11Regular Cash
02/15/91$0.11Regular Cash
11/09/90$0.11Regular Cash
08/13/90$0.11Regular Cash
05/14/90$0.11Regular Cash

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